Maintain your vehicle’s health with preventative maintenance for all stages of its life.

We believe it is our responsibility to let you know what your car care needs are. Come experience our team’s proactive, preventative philosophy towards maintaining the health and wellness of your car or truck. Servicing all makes and models!

Basic Annual Services (Routine)

Oil Change 3-5K miles
Tire Rotation 5-7K miles
Engine Air Filter Checked with oil change
Cabin Air Filter Checked with oil change
Wipers Checked with oil change
Wellness Check Plus+ Yearly

Good To-Do Maintenance Items

Caliper Service
Keeps Caliper slide pins clean, lubed and free which promotes even braking and extends pad life. Very helpful if car isn’t driven frequently.

Ethanol Fuel Treatment
Keeps water/condensation/sludge from building up in fuel tank and lines.

AC service (Fridgy Fresh)
Keeps the air ducts clean, deodorizes, and prevents mildew

Fuel Treatment 44K
Keeps carbon deposits from building up and keeps fuel lines from corroding on the inside due to water build up.

Engine Performance Restoration (EPR)
Cleans the sludge/carbon and gunk from the engine. Keeps lifters, sensors and rings from carbon build up that may cause drivability problems

MOA (a super lubricant)
By adding MOA to any oil change it will provide your best possible protection for your engine. Its detergents and antioxidants prevent degradation/ thickening as well as keeps piston rings from sticking. This helps prevent oil consumption problems seen on some modern vehicles.

3-5 Year Services / 30-60K miles

Coolant Flush
Keeps the cooling system free of sediment and sludge to help heater core from clogging keeping you warm in the winter. Also keeps lubricating properties fresh for prolonged water pump life.

Brake Fluid Flush

Keeps brake fluid clean/free of water and other contaminants that may cause a mushy brake pedal and potential caliper problems down the road.

Trans Service
Keeps the transmission shifting properly and protection for internal transmission parts.

Spark plugs
Keeps engine running optimal, worn spark plugs can reduce fuel economy, cause vehicle coils which leads to a more costly repair.

Differential/T-case Service
Keeps brake fluid clean/free of water and other contaminants which could damage bearings, clutch packs or pumps leading to costly repairs.

Power Steering
Fluid exchanged.

5-10 Year Services / 50-100K Miles

Timing Belts Replacement
Timing belts keep your engine in time but just like any rubber belt they will crack and break over time resulting in potential engine damage or failure.

Valve Adjustment
These are needed on certain imports, the service helps with valve train wear and helps with valve train wear.

Serpentine Belts
One belt to run accessories is inexpensive to change until it leaves you stranded.

Hoses Checked
And/or replaced, if needed.

Wellness Check Plus+

One Hour Or Less

The following services are available in One Hour or Less (OHOL) with an appointment during business hours. Pick your time, and plan the rest of your day.


  • Wellness Check Plus+
  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Tire Rotate and/or Balance
  • Mount & Balance (4)
  • Tires (4)
  • Tire Repair
  • Maintenance Coolant Flush
  • Battery Test & Installation
  • Differential Service
  • A/C Maintenance Service
  • Fuel Filters
  • Wipers
  • Bulbs
  • Cabin Air Filters

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