Amber Mavis (Google)

"My grandfather has been going to them for years and suggested I take my truck in to get a diagnostic. Turns out the work that was need on the truck was more than what I was willing to put in, but they were fantastic with me. Explained what was going on, multiple...

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Alex W (Google)

"Service was professional, friendly, and quick. I like the fact that there's a shuttle so I can drop my car off and hitch a ride to work. They were honest, didn't fix what didn't need fixing, and the price came in lower than what I had been quoted. Will definitely be...

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Elias Wreford (Google)

"I put a leveling kit on my truck and needed to do an alignment. I had called around to several places only to be brushed off or told they only do alignment on factory stock vehicles. Called the guys over at Brake and Alignment and they not only got me in the same day...

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Do I have to use OEM parts to keep my warranty valid?

Legally, no. Manufacturers cannot specify which parts are used to complete your vehicle’s service repair. You may use any brand-name quality parts such as O'Reily Auto Parts or Autozone to replace fan belts, hoses, brakes, exhaust or chassis parts and more.

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