Line-X: The world leader in truck bed protection

Highest Tensile Strength. Highest Tear Strength. Highest Abrasion Resistance. Line-X is the highest performing bed liner and the world leader in truck bed protection!

Line-X spray-on truck bedliners are rated #1 in customer satisfaction, consistently outperforming other spray-on bedliners by providing superior protection due to the exclusive formula and state-of-the-art spray application equipment which creates a bedliner with extraordinary toughness.

We’re proud to be northern Michigan’s home to the industry leader in truck bed liners. Some of the many Line-X Spray-On Truck Bedliners Features and benefits include:
• Molds precisely to every contour with a permanent bond
• Adds value to new and older trucks
• Tough yet repairable
• Environmentally friendly
• Offers impact protection and is quiet — no rattling!
• Resistant to most common chemicals
• Completely seals your truck bed — no air gaps, no drill holes, and no bolts
• Prevents rust and corrosion
• Provides a weather and water tight seal
• No lost cargo space
• Non-skid surface
• Allows natural drainage
• Accessories like camper shells, 5th wheel hitches, tool & utility boxes fit perfectly
• Limited lifetime warranty, valid nationwide

In about two hours, you can drive away with a brand new professionally sprayed-on Line-X truck bedliner! With a pre-scheduled appointment, the total job, including masking and spraying, takes about two hours. The surface dries in 3-5 seconds so your truck is ready immediately — please wait a day before rugged use.

Line-X isn’t just for bedliners!

Here’s a list of some of the many commercial, industrial, agricultural and custom applications for Line-X:

• Marine applications: boat hulls, boat decks, marine ramps, cargo holds
• General automotive: Jeep floorboards, van interiors, wheel well undercoating, motorcycle fenders (underside), body panels as rock guard protection
• Farming: silos, feed containers, storage tanks
• Construction: decks, foundations, retaining walls, floors, roofs
• Trailers: boats, horses, personal watercraft, work trailers
• Industrial: secondary containment, water tanks, floors
• RV trailers and motor homes: RV roofs (insulation & water protection), nose masks on trailers and motor homes, interior floors of “toy house”-type trailers
• Sound system applications: speaker boxes, vehicle and truck interiors, sound rooms
• Outdoor ponds, dog runs/kennels
• Playground equipment
… and more!